Budget PC build what do you think of this build

Give me your opinion on my gamng pc build please?

Is this a good gaming pc build http://pcpartpicker.com/p/PQxE I already have case mouse and keyboard if you would please leave me a comment of what you think of my build that would really help thanks. 


Very well balanced pc, it should power through games such as crysis 3 at non full hd resolutions, thus my only criticism would be the low vram (1gb) but if your like me and game on the likes of 1280x720 that wont be an issue.

Budget? I'm guessing it's somewhere around $600-$650?

Also...what case?

This is about the best i could do. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/PUOl

Atleast without really skimping on some parts.

This is atleast a decent system.

Get an fx4300, instead of the 4130, vishera destroys zambezi. The 4300 will massacre the 4130?

Period not ? Sorry

ssj11 has a good one


you can thank me later

removing the case, its even cheaper