Budget PC build...need help

I'm building a super low cost PC for my cousin out of my old PC. I have a case, a PSU, a HDD, and an OS, I'm looking for a CPU, motherboard, RAM, and a GPU at as low of cost as possible. Minimum quad core CPU AM3/AM3+. Can anybody help with suggestions?

i dont know youre budget but first shot..


if you gonne use it for gaming i choosed a more expensive gpu, 7870 is a realy good card can play most games on high


I seriously doubt he's wanting a 7870 in a budget build. When I hear budget, I usually think of APUs.


This is more than enough for a budget build. And yes 8gigs of ram is a bit much for a budget build, but it's cheap.


If you really want to go budget, I'd say the A10-5800k xfired with a second 6670 if you have the spare money.

What kind of PC is your old PC? If it's a manufaturer prebuilt you might be looking at a mini ATX Mobo. If it's an aftermarket built PC you should have no problems with either boards recomended. and at what rez are you looking at achieving? The APU will be good for 720p gaming so that can save you some money on that end. If you are looking at 1080p we can try to dig up what we can but MisteryAngel has a good set up for 1080p. The question is where are you getting the original parts from?