Budget pc build help?

I am planning to build a upgradable build for $575.  I will be doing minor video editing/ gaming, I will be playing games such as minecraft, tf2, battlefield 4, arma 2/3, and crisis 3.  In the future i will be upgrading the processor to the and fx 8350 and for the gpu i will go SLI once i get enough money.

I was wondering if i could buy an ssd only just to download windows and maybe some programs and hold off until i can get enough money to afford a hdd?



If anyone is reading this right now could you please give me some ideas on how to improve my build.

Thank you:)





Having to get a mobo with SLI support and a PSU that can support that really brings your price up.


I gave you an AMD card because putting in SLI bumped your cost a lot. Crossfire though is common on 970 chipsets.



Also don't just get an SSD. Even the smallest SSD will still be pricier than your 1TB HDD and it will fill up FAST. Just get one afterwards, trust me.

Ok thank you