Budget PC build advice (audio workstation)

Sooo, I want to build a new system and I need some advice.


Main use will be audio production (VSTis + editing),also want to get a bit into video and visuals and want to game on the system, but perhaps on a separate OS-install, but it doesn't have to be great for  gaming.

Audio-Software: Cubase 6.5, SO 2, NI Maschine 2, Renoise, seldom Pro Tools 10, perhaps in the future Bitwig

Video-Software: Magic, (currently ) Lightworks 12

OS: Win7/10 and Antergos/Arch Linux.


My Budget is around 900-1000€


I already got:

RME Babyface + Presonus Audiobox 1818VSL

Fractal Define R4

Noctua NH-D14

3 Noctua NF A-14 PWM

Corsair RM 850

128 GB SSD + harddrives

(old GPU: GTX 260,  :-( would use it a bit longer if necessary )


I kinda want to go for 2011-3 (i7-5820K), but I'm not sure if my budget isn't too low for that and if it's worth it.

What would you recommend?


Thanks in advance,


with the parts you have this would be a good entry in the X99 platform   £898.32


you have to make sure the ram is on their QVL ... I checked this ram out and it's good ... but you may want a different speed or amount ... here is the Asus X99 QVL 


If you are planning on using PCIe audio interfaces ... I would recommend stepping up to the 5830K CPU as it has much higher PCIe bandwidth (from 28 lanes to 40 lanes)


Z97 platform is not much cheaper but does have very low latency ram   Total:£846.85


which ever platform you choose I highly recommend multiple monitors to have room for all the virtual tools displayed

You already got a quit case (which is needed for a home studio), a nice cpu heatsink, and a nice psu. I say keep the gpu as is cause you won't need a more powerful one.  if you want you can go with what Ratzzz suggested.

a 21:9 monitor got to be nice for laying all these tranks and tools. check out the crossover 290M 29". 

Good Luck.


+1 on the crossover monitor

What would be the real world differences of low latency DDR3 vs DDR4 for audio?

I want 16GB minimum, perhaps later add more.


And CPU performance-wise Z97 vs. X99?


Display-wise, I'm happy with the two monitors I got. (one 2560x1440, the other 1920x1080)

Although one the formfactor of the 290M is nice, at the moment I'm happy.

ram latency= no noticable difference, if you can tell the difference outside of synthetic benchmarkign then join the x-men


it'll chew through any workload cubase or any other recording software could throw at it.