Budget monitors that are great

My monitor is a 17" dell from 2007 i got from my moms desktop that craped out and i am thinking of getting a larger and sharper picture of a monitor but being decently priced. Any suggestions?



Thanks guys!!

As always budget? Input preferences? 


around $200 dvi hdmi if possible

Price just went up but this one's pretty good, used to be 119, not too much bleed on mine, can't notice it during use.


Is a bit cheaper, and 10% off right now so it'll be around 100, you could get 2 of them but they're TN I believe

Just a few bucks over $200  looks decent to me ...

ASUS MX279H - 27" AH-IPS LED-backlit LCD monitor


here is another that looks good

AOC Value I2769VM - 27" IPS LCD monitor


Above around 20 inches you drop below 100 dpi with 1080p, and you could always move a smaller monitor closer to you.