Budget laptop for college

Hello Tech family,
I need a little help, I'm looking for a budget laptop at around $400 for simple college use.
Any suggestions ?
Thanks guys.

Depends what you exactly need it for.
Just simple word processing/powerpoint/spread sheets?
Or you going to do more production like coding, video editing, or 3d modeling?

Simple stuff, nothing major.

You could pick up something like the HP Pavilion 15-aw004ng or an Acer Aspire E15 E5-553G-106Q. Sorry I don't provide any links but I was not able to quickly find them on Amazon(.com) and I assume sites from my country won't help you much either.

Both have 8GiB RAM, the HP has an AMD A10-9600P, 4x 2.40GHz CPU with a 256GB SSD, the Acer has an AMD A12-9700P, 4x 2.50GHz with 128GB SSD and 1TB HDD.

The reason I've picked two AMD notebooks is because imho AMD is superior when it comes to integrated graphic solutions, and Intel seems to agree.

Edit: You could also try and wait for an Amazon discount. When I bought my wife's convertible it was 35% discounted.

Any elitebook.
Alternatively ThinkPad.


Slightly faster because SSD:

Thanks guys, this helps.

If you are just going to be doing basic things, writing reports, web browsing, etc...Any basic laptop should suffice. I would definitely get a laptop with an SSD. It will make your day to day much more enjoyable and they are more resilient to shock for when you throw your laptop in a backpack.