Budget HTPC w/ Slight Gaming

So my current HTPC shit the bed on me.  Its was a caseless PC that was basically an older computer that I downsized.

Its gone .. need a new one .. on a budget ...  I want to run this setup with windows 7 + xbmc

I want mostly to have a sweet HTPC which i know this setup will handle just fine, but i'm also going to be doing some light gaming on it.  I'm sure I wont be able to play the latest and greatest and the highest settings, but I'm looking to play things like the first company of heros perfectly ...

perhaps running current games on just lower settings ...?  If i add a card to this setup and do crossfire (after the intiial build) would it be worth it?  Again gaming isnt the main priority but i'm going to install steam and what not to enjoy occasional gaming / emulation.





i think that a A8-5600k FM2  would do much better at little or no extra cost mmmm and better ram 1600MGz or better look at some of the reviews trinity >liano

I recommend this with a case of your choice

ram is faster which is good since it is shared with the GPU and CPU

the SSD is faster and from a brand I trust

Newer genneration of APU that is gennerally better


I'll be rolling out a fresh line of Build Your Own Media Center PC's in november. I do have a $350 done up using the 5600K APU. But the storage is a mechanical drive though. I'll release these specs only once. Total: $347.91.


Thanks for the suggestions everyone.  Keep em coming if you can.  I've added gigabuster's recommendations to my newegg wishlist ...