Budget Graphics Card

Hey Guys so i'm really caught in a pickle here i am building a $1200 pc and want to get either the Geforce GTX 660 2GB GDDR5 or get the Gigabyte AMD Radeon 7850 2GB GDDR5. More over i want to do a little editing (As i want to produce some Youtube videos when it is built, also i will definately use the GPU for gaming like TF2 minecraft and some FPS's like Brink or for Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine. I want to keep the card under 200 dollars as i like in the US. Thanks for any suggestions!


7870XT from Powercolor - better than both.

But that one is $50 over Budget



$199.99 after a $20 MIR.

Will this be good for video editing not crazy things but for some things?

As long as your software supports OpenCL. Which particular software will you be using?

That depends on what kind of programs you'll be using. AMD cards will perform admirably for editing. But if you're using programs that take advantage of Nvidia's Cuda cores, then that might be a better solution. Unless you're going to be doing heavy editing, you should stick to the AMD card (:

Im going to mostly use Windows movie maker and will i need a 500 watt PSU??

Then the AMD card will serve you just fine. What kind of PSU are you currently using? 

I am planning to use a 430 Watt PSU

Which 430W - I don't want you to fry your system with a shoddy PSU.


Well since im going to use the 7850 i should be good with the 430 watt right?

if those are the kinds of games you'll be playing you really don't need a $200 gpu, unless you plan on playing newer more demanding games in the future i'd recommend a 7770, and that's only because i wouldn't recommend anything less

oh, and friends don't let friiends use moviemaker (ok, moviemaker gets too much hate, but the win7/ windows live versions deserve it, i strongly recommend moviemaker 2.6)

Before you buy, I have to ask where your money is going in this build if you are spending less than $200 on graphics for a gaming build, and if the power supply is only 430W. Does the $1200 include peripherals like mouse, keyboard, monitor?

For $1200 you should be able to afford more on the graphics for a gaming build.


Socket 2011, 3820, 8GB RAM, 7950, 128GB Samsung 840 Pro, etc. - $1214.00


Socket AM3+, 8350, 16GB RAM, 7950, 128GB Samsung 840 Pro, etc.


Socket 1155, 3770k, 8GB RAM, 7950, 128GB Samsung 840 Pro, etc.

You can get a whole lot more than a 7850 for $1200.

This is a decent build for you including all perpheral except the monitor for just over $1000. The case isn't super fancy and yes it has a consistent build theme of Rosewill parts (I like pairing parts for aesthic reasons).


You can easily use a monitor like this to run on since it has low price and fits in your budget. Any money you have left over I would put into the GPU and that is all.


The $1200 is including perpherals.


MSI 7950, AMD FX 8350, Gigabyte UD5 990FX, 120GB Samsung 840 SSD, 1TB Seagate SV35.5 SSD, Seasonic G 550W PSU, and a 1080p Asus monitor (non-IPS) with a 2ms response time.

The 8350, with the Phanteks PH-TC12DX cooler, would overclock easily to 4.6gHz with reasonable temps, and look great while it's doing it ;)

The Gigabyte UD5 990FX is an extremely powerful motherboard for the price; it will handle any overclock you throw at it. It comes with 8 SATA 3 ports, and offers support for memory up to 2000mHz and 3-way SLI/Crossfire. Great, regardless of the price.

8GB (2x4GB) of G.SKILL Sniper 1866mHz CL9 memory; great looking, solid price, and plenty fast for anything reasonable.

The Samsung 840 is the best SSD out there for the money, pretty much. 120GB for $90 - you can't beat that.

The Seagate SV35.5 HDD is great - much better than the Barracuda drives, and faster than the WD Blues.

The Corsair 200R is just a great case for the price - if you want to get a better GPU, etc. in your budget, then the 200R will open up that opportunity.

Speaking of that GPU, the MSI Twin Frozr 7950 is going to rock that 1080p monitor. You can't get much better for the price/performance on high-end cards - quality materials, great looks, and solid cooler; it will handle a 1250mHz overclock on your GPU, if the chip can handle it.

Well see i going to put my build in a Bitfeinex Prodegy (Yes i know you don't like the case but i do so stop complaining) and i have all my other parts picked out question: 7850 or GTX 660 or 7870XT Price to Proformance which is the best for little editing with windows movie maker and gaming like Brink, Minecraft, TF2 and other FPS's??