Budget gaming system?

I already have the case, PSU, RAM, and HDD that were given to my by my brother, and have a budget of anywhere from $500-$600 US dollars.

With that, I need a GPU, CPU, and motherboard. I had a few parts together but wanted to see what you guys thought of my build: AMD FX-6350, MSI Gaming GTX 760, and the MSI GD80-V2. I have an OS, and all my peripherals, and my monitor runs at 1600x900, and I don't plan on upgrading anytime soon, and I will also have an additional 1600x900 monitor for browsing/music/streaming/work. I will only ever be gaming on one monitor, and want to be playing most games excluding the obvious (Crysis 3, Rome II, Metro 2033 and Last Light) at ultra.

The parts that I do have are the Western Digital 1TB Black Edition, Corsair GS700, 4GB of Corsair Vengeance 1600MH/z, and a Corsair 300R case.


If I were you I would get this instead.

Intel: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/1iTuq (I suggest the extra 4 gigs of RAM, it will help later on)

AMD: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/1iTyZ (Same up above)

I would go for the AMD one. 8 cores will help alot if you ever decide to get into video editing or streaming. And if you decide to overclock the 7950 even just a bit, it will kill the 760.

Those are both very good options. Thanks for the idea. Hopefully if I can manage it, I can get the 8350, and the 760, but that all depends. I have heard some great things about the 8350, that is better in most cases than the 3570k, but I digress. It would be nice to have to audio editing, and video editing, and video recording. Those extra cores would definately come in handy. I have heard however, that the stock cooler that come with the 8350 is quite shit, and need almost instant replacing. 

stock heatsinks are terrible and loud, uses less juice and beats the 7950, extra 4GB stick for dual channel ram

you have room in the budget for this but unfortunatly I don't think there is room in your case for it


Yeah, I had totally forgotten to look at the combos on the new 700 series cards. Thanks for the advice, however if I were going to spend $70 on a heatsink, I would just wait and save up an extra $30 and get an h100i. Thanks for the advice, people really seem to like that Asus board, I am guessing mainly for the cost? It also seems that I would really be better off getting another 4gb of RAM. Thanks for the advice!

that phanteks heatsink actually performs on par with the H100i and some cases better

and basically with one stick you are running a 2 lane highway with your ram, add another stick and bam its a 4 way highway, it increases bandwidth and you have more ram for games and apps

ASUS is great in genneral, that board OC's decently too, nice quality