Budget (gaming) PC upgrade

Good day guys.

The situation:

lately i find myself turning graphics options fairly low to maintain a somewhat playable fps, so i guess it has become time for me to do some upgrading on my PC.

unfortunatly i dont have enough knowledge with this to do this on my own, so im asking for some help.


I mostly use my PC for strategy games (total war series, COH, paradox grand strategies) and pc exclusives like garry' s mod, chivalry, (Banner saga soon, it looks great) stuff like that.
Games like battlefield, cod, gta etc. i play on my console because most of my (real-life) friends are over there.

I'm not looking to get 120 fps in BF4 on Ultra, but right now im getting around 25fps in COH2 on low-medium and 30 fps in Shogun 2 on medium-high.

I would like to at least double the preformance, so i can go through the next 2-3 years.


My PC specs:

i5 750

geforce 320 gt

4 gb 1333 ram (2x2 gb sticks in a dual-channal, there is 1 dual channel free)

Ftp55 motherboard (a pain in the ass to find a proper spec list, all i know is that is has 1 Pci-e slot 2.0x16 and some x1 slots



i dont really have a fixed budget. but i would like to keep it under 150$



Many thanks to people who would like to take some time to help me onwards, and sorry for my broken English,




Depending on your PSU and if you are willing to spend a bit more you could go for a R9 270X or this HD 7870 I found on Amazon. Link Or even a R7 260X if you don't want to go beyond your $150 budget Link

The r9 270 is probably your best performer if you mind going a little bit above your budget.  You can also find some HD 7870s relatively cheap.

Otherwise the R9 260X or GTX 660 may be good for your purposes.

You might find that your chosen strategy games prefer Nvidia cards. Any given GPU upgrade will give you the boost that you need.

thanks for your reply,

the 7870 is out of the question. i cant order from amazon, and in my country the 7870 costs over 250$, and i dont want to spend that mutch on a card.

the r7 260x oc i do find for around 140$.

I have also looked for used cards in my local area, and found some options.

-sapphire 7770 ghz edition for around 80$

-sapphire 6950 for around 130$


does any of these cards seems like a deal for you?

and wont they be hold back by my other specs?



You may also want to consider doubling your ram by filling the 2nd dual channel slots with another set of 2x2GB sticks.

But primarily, a GPU upgrade like the other suggested is where your money will be best spent. If you have some of your budget left over or you save up a little later, bumping up to 8GB ram will stretch the life of you system even further. 

thanks for your comments guys, it helped me a lot to find out what kind of cards i should be looking for.


Now i have 2 questions left.


-if i get another 2x2gb of ram, will there be any point in getting better sticks then what i have got in my other channel? or will they be downgraded to match the other channel.


-My PSU. it states the following on it:

250W (+3.3V & +5V=110W max) (+12V1 &+12V2 = 180W Max.)

How does this work?, should i treat it like a 250W and therefor replace it with a more capable psu, or does this mean it can power up to 180W cards?


Thanks in advance,


Someone got any thoughts?

4 GB is enough for gaming, and if you are on a budget, i would prefer to put the money on a new gpu, and most inmportnantly on a new PSU. Your 250W psu will not be enought for powering up a card witch you mentioned earlier. I would say, get at least 450W 80+ bronze certified psu, and then spend the rest for the gpu. The psu doesn't need to be very expencive, just make shure it is at least 450W, 80+ certified, and has only 1 12V rail.

My thoughts:

Find a way to increase your budget. You need to get a new PSU if you want a new GPU. 

A CX430 PSU is a ok budget PSU for your needs. Then you could add the R9 270 or other lower alternatives. 

*Ram will set itself to the lowest speed out of all used.

Ok, clear answers.


I thought the specs on my psu meant it was powering the 12v rail with 180W, but i will look around for a nice psu.


Thanks ,