Budget Gaming pc build

i want to build my own gaming pc and this is the first one im going to build my self.

chose some components and im not sure i chose the right ones for the price (i have a small budget) 400 euro's 

cpu : AMD Athlon II x4 740

Motherbord : MSI FM2-A75MA-E35

RAM : kingston Hyperx Genesis 4Gb

Gpu: MSI Radeon R7 250 2gb gddr5 

psu : corsair cx450m

storage : Western digital blue 1tb

Case ; cooler master N300 kkn1


Maybe you have some advice for me 

Thanks :)


prices may not be exact, this is dutch prices... but it's a half-decent gaming build... on a budget...

if there's any way you could stretch the budget another 78 euros you could get a CPU cooler and the A10-7850k... you'd likely be a lot happier with gaming performance out of that

if i would be wanting to play like Bf4 what a apu be better or a cpu with gpu ?

but thanks for you're input :)

the A10-7850k was getting solid frame rates on BF4 medium-high settings... I mean I always recommend CPU + GPU but here, your budget won't allow you to get a decent GPU.... so I'd recommend the APU... I'd splurge on the 7850k tho

ok Thanks 

But if you would recommend Cpu Gpu what would pick ( just want to know )


For your very tight budget, I agree going with a straight APU like the 7850k for the time being is a decent solution. You won't find any CPU/GPU combo for the same price that will perform as well as the 7850k in gaming. 

It's VERY important that you use higher frequency ram with this APU. 2133mhz minimum. 

If you can scrape up another $50-60 US (not sure what that converts to in euros), then you can get the Athlon X4 760K CPU + GTX 750/ti GPU. That combo will get you WAAAAY better performance. Like... 2-3x better. You can actually gain some money towards this combo because with a CPU/GPU system, you don't need the high-speed ram (1600mhz is typical). That will get you part way there...

Thanks dude :)

will 4gb ram be good enough? 

The Radeon R7 265 is better than the 750 Ti in absolutely every single benchmark, while costing the same. The only reason someone would pick the 750 Ti would be because of power concerns, it needs about 50-60W less at full load.

So buy the R7 265, if you can find a retailer. Otherwise, even the AMD R7 260X, a cheaper card, can trade blows with the 750 Ti. Don't buy the 750 Ti, it's too expensive for what it offers.

4GB ram is about the minimum for gaming these days. 8 is ideal but 4 will do for the time being, if it's just not in your budget. You can always upgrade later. 

You're right, the R7-265 is a stronger performer but it's pricing and availability are not on solid ground just yet. If it does go on sale for the projected price point, then yes, it's the better buy. 

The 260x falls behind the 750ti, but not by much. Depending on pricing, the 260x could provide a little bit better performance per dollar. 

From what I've seen from the benchmark numbers, the 260X lags behind by roughly 10-15% (estimate), or is equal to the 750 Ti (by 1-2 FPS), depending on the specific game. Yet the 260X is a full $40 cheaper than the 750 Ti ($119 vs $149). Let's say worst case scenario: the 260X is 15% slower than the 750 Ti, but it costs 26.8% less. That's a better price to performance.

The only question the OP needs to ask himself is if he's satisfied with the performance he is getting from the 260X.


any comments on this one ??


If you're including a dedicated graphics card, you'll never use the GPU on the Processor anyways.

4gb will more than likely give you issues, I highly recommend at least 8gb

As I'm not an APU guy I can't comment on most of the build.  However; I'd reccomend at least a 500w power supply so you have a mid level dedicated GPU upgrade path a 7870, or even 750ti will both run well with a 500w (source: i used to run a 7870 with a 500w power supply).

You don't need the extra fan, put one of the fans in the front pulling air, and leave on in the back exhausting.  You won't be generating enough heat to need a 3rd fan yet.

i wont be upgrade soon so i think the power supply wil be fine

but thanks for the fan comment 

i forgot the n300 had 2 fans already

What the hell are you talking about? You can run a 780 Ti and an i5 4670k, BOTH STRESSED TO THE MAX, with a 450W PSU. Yes, a 450W PSU. EDIT: I was totally wrong, I apologize. In the benchmark the power draw was about 430W with Furmark on, which stresses mainly the GPU, and not the CPU. But the below conclusion still stands.

A 450W PSU is more than enough for anything in the middle range.

My 780 classified recommends AT LEAST a 600w PSU... just saying...

Your 780 Classified is wrong. Do your research before believing anything that is written on a flashy label. EDIT: this sounds a bit harsh, but I'm not referring to you in particular, I meant it as a general statement.

Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ajiN9aVOv4A&list=UU_SN80_V2GymyCWM2oTYTeg

Honestly, companies only want your money, and they will lie to you if you let them.


Well, regardless... most PSUs run at maximum efficiency to heat output ratio at 80% or so... it'd never a good idea to buy a PSU that barely powers a machine at full output... I don't doubt a smaller PSU is capable of powering the system... I wouldn't ever run it like that on a consistent basis... youtube posts like that are to prove a point, not recommend that you run an i5/780 system on 450w PSUs...