Budget Gaming Build

I found this package on Newegg and was wondering if I just added like a 7770 or something of that sort to this if it would be a decent gaming machine.


Hmm, honestly, it uses some less-than-optimal components, and overall you'd only save $70... so I don't know if thats really what you want to do, that said, the addition of a mech board in the build is fairly nice. You can post your budget and we'll see if we can come up with a better build for that money. I may craft you up one in an hour or so, if I have the time at least.

What´s your budget?

I want to be around 600 bucks but could go a bit higher trying not to. The keyboard and mouse are nice since I don't have a mouse. And what is not optimal for this build. So American 600 Gaming and maybe like using unity or maybe video editing, probably not though mostly just gaming



combo deals=AWESOME SAUCE!!

combo DIY bundles=Fail Sauce

I'd listen to cloud scorpion, he's a pretty good system builder, I just have different preferances

Well what would you recommend for like a 600 gaming build

MAX 800