Budget Editing PC (look over please)

Hey I'm building a budget Editing PC, http://pcpartpicker.com/user/ctshaw96/saved/2OKa if you guys could help me with any tips or changes with a similar price, BTW my case is a NZXT Phantom

Pairing a somewhat mid-low end GPU with a high end CPU doesn't make sense to me, unless your software is not GPU-accelerated.  Also, low end AIO's aren't really worth it, as a budget air cooler can easily beat it's price-performance ratio.

Since you picked nVidia, I'm asuming your program uses something CUDA related.


Yes I will be taking advantage of CUDA in adobe after effects. Would you recommend the AMD 8-core over the i7 4770k? That is what I thought at first, but the over all agreement in my research had been that intel beats AMD. Also I plan on running the 660 in sli soon, but planned on starting with one just for like a month or so, so that I can buy my second monitor with my second 660.

The i7 4770K will beat the FX-8350 in most applications, yes.  But I don't like the relatively cheap GTX 660.  SLI/Crossfire is often gamer-oriented, and I don't think really helps(if it even works) in Adobe AE.  So therefore:

The 660 is a relatively old card now.  The GTX 770 is a slightly weaker GTX 680.  These are quite strong, and will help immensely.

What about swapping my GFX card to Radeon HD 7950

HD 7950 is around the GTX 760/670 performance.  It's also a great option, if you want to keep your i7.