Budget Editing/Gaming Pc

Hey awesome tek syndicate community! I would like to build a pc which is geared towards editing dslr footage with Premiere Pro and also some gaming (mostly BF4). Unfortunately I am on a tight budget...

  • Budget: 700€ = 960$
  • Purpose: Editing with Premiere Pro, Gaming (BF4 for the most part)
  • I live in Austria, Europe
  • Neither any peripherals nor an OS are needed
  • I plan on using my TV as a display and therefore need an HDMI output
  • Existing parts: 120gb SSD, 1TB HDD (this is pretty old though and I am afraid it might fail on me)
  • It would be nice to overclock the cpu

Gaming: I would like to play on 1080p with the highest settings possible.
Editing: The most important thing for me is smooth playback. I don't really care about the time consumption of the final rendering.

I appreciate every help in advance!

Here you go

  • http://pcpartpicker.com/p/2GGFj

I have not included just the case - because its a personal thing you know - just look for something that will fit noctua (or look for other cooler); also would fit GPU and would have decent cooling.

8350 would be better, that cooler can handle it.