Budget CPU/Mobo for HTPC w/ light gaming capabilities?


So I'm looking to build an HTPC for my living room on the super budget side, but still with moderate capabilities. I've got a 650 ti, a 350W PSU and a Harddrive to put in it, I just need some suggestions on a CPU and Mini-itx Motherboard that will keep it cheap. I've been looking at the Athlon 5350, but I didn't know if there would be any more capable, older alternatives. I know I can pick up a 5350 and Mobo for about £60 so anything around that price would be ideal.

The HTPC would be used for internet browsing, movies/tv and some light gaming such as Rocket League.

I wouldn't go for an Athlon 5350. It's a bit too low powered.

I know they're a bit more expensive, but how about a Pentium? I don't think the Athlon 5350 is sufficient for gaming. Basic office work and video streaming it should be fine, but not gaming. A Pentium G3460 and applicable motherboard should run under £100. It's all about the Pentiums after all!

Look at used hardware. I picked up a 990fx and an fx-8320 for $45 in mid-december. I'm not saying you'll find that deal exactly, but you could definitely find some awesome deals and there's nothing wrong with used hardware.

I would go for a quad-core APU. You can get an A6 for <$150 quite easily. The integrated graphics should be more than good enough for any sort of light gaming.

This way, you could sell the 650 TI and get a better case or motherboard instead.

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An A8-7600 would be a solid choice. Can likely play at medium at 1080p.


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Yeah, for a bit more money it'd be a damn solid CPU & GPU combination, most likely extend the usability of the HTPC a far sight.

G3258 and a cheap mini-itx board. Pairs well with the 650Ti.

Pentium+750ti (it was £10 more than the 650 ti and likely worth the difference).


All else being the same, you are looking at a £40-50 difference (unless you are ok with mATX instead of miniITX, then the difference is greater). Considering that he was considering a 5350, I think that £40 is more than enough to keep him from considering a dGPU.

EDIT: Just remembered that he said he had a 650ti already, making this a moot point. The decision then comes down to 5350, g3258, 860k. I would be fine with either of the last two. With preference for the 860k.

G3258 has the down point of needimg an OC to be more useful. Some of the other chips don't.