Budget Build

Is this a pretty decent budget build for $450 before MIR. I can upgrade to a i3 or i5 later on and get a better GPU.


What is your budget? I am sure you have had other builds configured for you. I wouldn't necessarily recommend this, not if you have a little more to spend.

$450 I do alot of build's for other people.

Well, I think you should go with an AMD build. It will have a better processor, and more upgrade paths.

If I go with an AMD APU what is there new A10-6800K ment to be paired with I know the 5800K is meant to be paired with the Radeon 6670.

You can do an APU build, but I would recommend a different socket. FM2 doesn't allow for any meaningful expansion/upgrades. You might need a little more than $450, maybe $500.

Would a Phenom Black 965 and a 7850 for $500 be pretty good?

Yes. Though, I would recommend the FX6300 over the Phenom, if you can afford it. If not, the Phenom is a good alternative. It will handle games well. It leaves a lot of upgrade paths. Make sure you get an AM3+ mobo for the Phenom and 7850.