Budget build help needed!

I am trying to make the best $1000 budget build for gaming and editing but for some reason i always come like $200 above my budget on pc partpicker.  Here is my build.


In this build I need good overclocking compatability, I also need nvidia cards for CUDA cores, and i aslo need a good case to last me a long time and a fast SSD.

If you guys can make me a build that is $1000 and has all of the stuff that i need it will be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!!


I suggest you change to case to a Corsair 300R.

Id get an adata xpg 910 it has a 5 year waranty and their support is great its only $10 more


Also the nzxt respire t20 is a much better cooler and is the same price


This is just as good as the sabertooth imo, and will save you enough to upgrade the ssd, and give you $40 to put towards another part


change the power supply to a 650 watt

Rosewill hive 650 watt is great


I threw this together really wuick, but its within budget and should perform just as well.

+1 to beyond night

This is what I'd pick, given the need for CUDA and 16 Gb of RAM (I assume this is a video editing machine).


Id still say the nzxt respire t20

ok thaks guys but should i go with the 660 ti or save a little money and go with the 660 because i will be playing games such as bf3, bo2, crisis3, minecraft, and i will be planning to go sli in the future










what editing Software will you use?

i will be using sony vegas pro, some adobe pemiere, photoshop, and after affects

You should know that AMD's 7xx series wipes the floor with nvidias 6xx in gpu computing and therfore in Sony vegas pro.

If you insist on CUDA than go for 5xx series

grab a radeon and help with the teksyndicate bit coin mining! :)

is radeon better for editing and crossfire?

I would give this a look it's $14.16 over.


You have a dvd drive right in you build you posted it did not have one. If you don't have a dvd drive then add one for like $15 more.

I hope this helped you.