Budget Build for adobe suite/gaming pc

Hey guys

Just wanting to get opinions on this build. My friend is wanting to build a computer for video rendering, 3d work, and gaming. Here are the parts I have come up with so far.. 

Mobo - Asus Sabertooth 990 fx - $179  

CPU - Amd Fx 8350 - $199  *I figured this was comparable to the intel 3770k but about $80 cheaper.*

Ram - G. Skill Ripjaws X series 16GB (2x8) - $124 - subject to change

GPU - Asus Hd7770 2gb - $149 - also subject to change

I figure a 500-750 watt power supply shall suffice but am also open to suggestions. We will try and find a full tower case for around $100. 

I will probably lend an extra 500 gb hard drive, and if we can we will get a kingston 120 gb ssd. 




Btw I have never done a amd build so this is sort of new to me. I dont really know how that GPU compares to nvidia based cards. 



  Well if your doing video editing it would make more sense going with nvidia.  Nvidia has cuda cores which will work with adobe.  Cuda helps render videos and more.  I'm not exactly %100 sure exactly all that cuda does but I do know it's meant for editing software and AMD doesn't have cuda.  So you will benefit from it.  Just google it.

I would look at the 650 ti boost it cost around 150 and it performs in between a 7790/7850.

As far as that goes everything else is fine.  The i7 is faster but if you prefer to save the extra money then the fx 8350 isn't bad.

Yeah that was kind of the issue but as of earlier today my friend said he would be willing to spend a little more so we might go i7.

I actually do a lot of video editing and 3d modeling and all I've owned is intel cpu's and nvidia gpu's, but I would go either route. I guess its whatever you start out with.. kinda molds you to be a little biased about certain brands.

thanks man