Budget build 3 to Choose HELP!

I lets start with some background I'm waiting for taxes i have about $500 or so i can spend I'm trying to get the best bang for my buck.

I dont need a HDD or optical and i have Dreamspark so windows what ever i want is free to me 100% legal


First build is based on Cheap ass rig with mods to make it a lot better including Crossfire with the APU



The Second build is custom with mods i can also work with the processor on it as well i think some parts were recs from others in this forum :D kudos to you



The final build is based on the nov and dec 550 rig adjusted down and ik the cheap ass psu its only temp until i can afford one remember i only have 500



tell me what you think i need ideas mods what ever i still have about a month 2 go before i will even see the parts so as new things come out and prices change there may be adjustments




Erm I'd with the Phenom build but...are you really that desperate? Can't you save a bit more and get a really decent build just by saving another $200 or so. Seriously I promise you it'll be worth it if you do.

I'm currently gaming on my laptop which has an apu in it ik that for 200 more i can get a better rig but i dont have that kinda money right now i just upped the budget from 350 to 500 to get those 3 builds

Then my reccomendation is the phenom build.

thank you for your recommendation i think i should add a poll to this lol