Budget BC Build!

Hello! I want to build a Bitcoin Mining Budget Rig! As Far as my plan with waht to do with it is to well... MINE BC and split it in half to support the teksyndicate BC pool and upgrade it or build a personal gaming comp. This will be something for the future but i would like to do it soon-ish.




What is your budget exactly? $500? $800?

The lower the better id say anything under 580

Not gonna put together a full build for you but it should probably be a 5850 as far as graphics card, cheap and a great mining GPU. As far as CPU, you could go Intel or AMD it's your preference... for intel you're probably looking at an ivy bridge i3 of some sort and for AMD an FX4100 or FX6300 depending (not sure exact prices on them). A good resource to use is pcpartpicker.com

I use it occasionaly actually

http://pcpartpicker.com/p/GVCr Hows that but with edits for a miner? And would hybrid crossfire help at all with mhas/s?

I would instead do this: build it with an intel Celeron (CPU doesnt matter for mining) and use the extra you have to upgrade your GPU as high as you can. use this as reference for which card to get. https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Mining_hardware_comparison

higher mhash/s = better. find the best price/performance that is also easily available. possibly a 6870 could be for you.

http://pcpartpicker.com/p/QvJu Hows this... I know i should just use your example but i just for some reason i dont want to get Intel Intel parts. Weird but thats just me

Remove the hows i cant unlink it for some reason

i would ditch the cooler, 1gb at ram at $25? you can get 4gb for that... And i would go for a single 7870 instead of 2 7770s, it will be less power consuption at about the same hash rates and price.

in it possable to hybrid and actually crossfire if i added a apu? And ram price's are going up.


If you don't want to go intel then ditch hybrid crossfire and go with a phenom x2 and 7870 or whatever you can fit in budget


yeah thats a pretty good mining rig

Perfect :)

Just saying, get é sticks of RAM otherwise it will cut performance for your computer. I know you may only use it to bitcoin but still.

Also when ever you build this, head on over to the meain thread and I'll get you signed up to the pool!

I would personally do this, the Hard drive is 5 dollars more, but double the space and you can reuse it after wards, I also got you 2 sticks. I'd try to get a slightly better PSU, maybe 600W+ because that 430W will be pushing it.  It cost about $20 for the entire build, but it will help in performance with two sticks instead of one and you also get double the size on the HDD, also the 600W PSU 80+ bronze will help on electricity cost and keeping your machine running 24/7. 


If the sapphire Vapor X 7970 comes back into stock on newegg I would grab it, because it has a better fan so you can overclock it more as well as being $10 cheaper. I didn't know what case you wanted so I didn't pick one, I would just pick a cheap case with as many fans as you can fit in there(so good air flow is a must, but keep it cheap). I saw another of your builds and I saw you wanted an Bitfenix case which to me costs to much for what you want, get a mid $30 case, also just throw linux on there because its free and Bitcoins works great on linux! I saw your first build and if you can grab a few extra bucks, i would get a 7970 because the mhash it better and then once your finished with mining you can use the card to play games! Good luck!


I will go to the mining pool but is there a way to have 1 miner go to 2 wallets? cause if so i would half it so i could work on upgrading the miner or making a personal gaming rig