Buckethead is a guitar god who wears a white mask and a KFC bucket on his head. He currently has over 120 studio albums ranging from many different music genres (usually some variant of experimental metal)


Notable albums:

Albino Slug

Pepper's Ghost

Crime Slunk Scene


Notable songs:


Binge And Grab

Welcome To Bucketheadland

Soothsayer <3

+1  how can any Buckethead list not have Soothsayer on it?

I've never really followed his work (what I saw/heard was pretty damn good though) but the insane thing for me is his persona that he never seems to take off. I know the whole "fighting against KFC, hence the bucket, by letting the sounds of millions of dead chickens flow out of his hands"-thing and that his character is supposed to be clinically insane with the puppet in interviews and all that, but it's absolutely bonkers that he never breaks character and actually wears the mask for that long. Great musician, seems like a really odd guy.

I've seen him live a few times, Soothsayer, Nottingham Lace, Jordan, Welcome to Bucketheadland are all favorites. Also he hands out toys. Its awesome, I would recommend him to anyone who likes guitar.

Buckethead is super weird. I've got a lot of his albums and TBH there's a lot of junk (ie. all of Funnel Weaver) but some absolute gold as well.


Here's some random songs of his I quite like:

  • Gory head stump 2006: Pagent of the Slunks
  • All of 'Captain EO's voyage'
  • Point Doom
  • El Indio
  • We Are One (with Serj Tankian from SOAD)
  • Korova Binge Bar
  • Jordan
  • Night of the Slunk
  • Pepper's Ghost
  • Exit 209
  • Plankton
  • Pike 11
  • My Sheetz
  • Underground Chamber
  • Magellan's Maze
  • Coffin for a penny
  • Mannequins are my friend
  • Three Headed Guardian
  • The Miracle of Surrender (all of 'A real Diamond in the rough' really)
  • Siege Engine

Since he's such a diverse artist (and his stuff scales from amazing to terrible, and also depends at least for me quite heavily on my mood — some stuff took awhile to appreciate as well) I really recommend just getting a few albums and diving in. You'll have to sort the good from the rubbish yourself.

Apparently he also has some albums with Viggo Mortensen (The Road, Lord of the Rings), search youtube for that.

I dig me some Buckethead, but I prefer some other folks when it comes to genres similar to virtuoso instrumental rock/metal guitar.  He does have a huge catalog of widely varying music, so there's pretty much something for everyone in there.

Some of if not all of Pumpkin I found to be pretty great with Pumpkin Pike 1 having a suitable atmosphere.

Er Giant Robot is a fantastic album considering it was his first

Obvs Colma, Electric tears some high up albums

You Can't Triple Stamp a Double Stamp is one of my favorites that most don't know about, Forgotten Library, It Smells Like Frogs, Mannequin Cemetery