BTRFS | 1GB of RAM | Will it work? [Solved]

Hey Guys,
I currently have a raid10 setup through md, and I was thinking about converting this array over to BTRFS. I know that some of the features of BTRFS are similar to ZFS, and whenever ZFS is mentioned, there's always a strong recommendation of 8GB of ram. The computer this will be on only has 1 GB of ram, so I wasn't sure if there's any large concerns (data loss) with small quantities of ram and BTRFS. If it make a difference, the total space of all the drives in this array is <1TB.


Hell yes. I used a cubieboard2 (Raspberry Pi ++) as a fileserver for a couple years. BTRFS will cache in ram, but it dosent need any.

Great, thank you very much!