BT host USB Hub/Adapter?

Hey guys and gal,

I've installed a Nexus 7 into my car, which has been done many times by now, but the biggest issue people face is connecting with wired devices. It's easily done if the device is hardwired via USB OTG to a hub, but getting that connection on a car dash mount can be tricky and can quickly wear out the tablet's connector. I've searched high and low for a USB Hub that connects wirelessly and it seems the issue is a lack of protocol for this manner of data transfer.

What are your thoughts on this? Is it feasible/in the works/best idea since castration?

It seems to me that a powered hub should be able to establish a connection to the operating system and initiate an application that would reroute all data from the BT connection through the USB protocol, and vice versa. Even if this disables the hardware USB connection, I imagine it would be hugely successful among portable device users.