BT Home Hub 5 Is garbage, replacement?

We currently have BT infinity along with the BT home hub 5 and the wireless is completely unreliable. I am using the one plus one phone and it did have issues in the past with Wi-Fi but I think the router is key problem. What is my best alternative or is there any tests I can do to see if the Hub is actually the issue?

I have the same issue with BT hub 3

It might be related to home hub, I had in the past and it would drop connection and show blinking orange light often. Since I got pfsence box I have no problems. But configuring new gear can be tricky as you need proper modem for your connection type and configure router corectly and then wait an hour or two for connection to show up again.
If you want to keep bt homehub this might be a solution, I havent tested it so cant confirm if it works

I have this for WiFi at the moment


It works well, you can get something similar with 802.11ac. TP-Link is pretty good at a good price.

I use this for a modem

DrayTek Vigor 130

It's absolutly rock solid, it never fails me.

I use pfSense for routing and firewall.

FYI, on the Home Hub 5 there is at least two models of the router and it seems like one of them has poorer wifi reliability than the other. That is my experience at least.

The question is: how much do you want to spend? How many devices on the network? Do you have any AC devices? And how large and how many stories is where you live?

2 storied, 1 wired device and 4-5 wireless devices. I configured it today to have 2.4 and 5hz on separate ssid's which seemed to have helped as it was probably switching between the 2 rather inefficiently I'd guess.

Ok thanks I look into them.