BSOD Windows 10

Been having some BSOD problems:

Guessing it might be a problem with my RAM but not sure


do this in this order:
get the auto installer, put it onto a usb key, and run it overnight. there should not be ANY errors.

I am a little stumped with no error codes or no wading through event viewer ?



After what @Commissar tells you to do, if you are still getting BSODs, update drivers and uninstall AVG.

some kind of log dump from mediafire when it should of thrown very specific errors ?

What are you using to read them? If you are using BlueScreenView, get out. That thing will mislead you too many times to count. What I said here is bad, sorry.

EDIT: To add to @Commissar's post below, we got errors that don't define any specific driver or process that could directly cause a BSOD. In cases like these, it is likely bad chipset drivers, certain software drivers, corrupt system files, or hardware failure.

it did throw some errors, but nothing specific, which actually eliminate some potential problems. so, we ask him to run tests to check the most likely causes of non-specific dump codes.

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I had to ask. I understand.

also, bsods generate a dump of the RAM, the minidumps are very much so condensed versions of this. event viewer is generally not helpful for bsods...

What you said earlier finally got through my head. To explain, what we want from a person when they need BSOD help is a description of hardware they use, anti-virus, what version of Windows, and if possible a short description of how they encounter these BSODs.

Software we use to debug the BSODs is usually WinDBG

Backing up my files first now as the PC isn't throwing BSOD:s now and the 1st and 2nd steps both recommend that.

I actually did the memtest before anyone got to anwsering here, first for 1 stick of RAM and then with both of them and found no errors (I guess I should still do it with the other one alone later?)

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Never hurts to explain the approach. Why i asked

By the way, I changed my processor cooler within last month and when removing the old one, the CPU came off with the old cooler and I think one of the pins bent a little bit on the CPU. I put it back and installed the new cooler and everything worked but the BSOD:s started some time after that. If nothing else is found could the CPU be the problem or just coincidence?

I misunderstood when you said you were in a stump and I realized that it seemed you were confused how myself and @Commissar were debugging without asking for much information.

It is a possibility, but that is still an unknown, we usually want to blame hardware as a last resort.

i've had the same thing happen... my cpu actually skidded accross the floor. should be ok. i don't think that's it.

System File Check found corrupt files and can't fix them, trying if I can get the ISO of the OS on USB stick and fix the problem.

Should I try formating Windows if the other 2 steps don't fix the problem either? (still doing the #1)

Stuck at the step #1, can't get the windows repair installion to work and when I try to use the win10 tool that basically formats the pc, gets stuck to 47% and redoes this when restarting PC. Guess I have to reinstall the windows completely?