BSOD Dump File Attached

Hey I was this forum was recommended to me by a friend. I've been having BSOD issues for a couple weeks now. I was wondering if anyone would like to analyze my dump files and help me out? 

I have a Dell XPS 8700 with Windows 8.1 
4th Gen Intel Core i5-4430 Quad Core processor 3GHz
12GB memory
1GB ATI Radeon HD 7570 graphics 


Oh and I have run memtest for 6 hours (10 tests, 0 Errors)


I appreciate any and all help! Thank you 

Do you know which PSU you have?

Good point. Dell prebuilts almost always have 250-330watt crappy power supply's. I had a stock PSU fail on a older dell desktop i have. Especially with that GPU id wonder if the PSU isnt about to fail. 

It appears, according to Dell's website and a few others, that the PSU is a 460W bronze certified unit: Although it is sufficient in wattage, it mightn't necessarily be sufficient in amps. Having looked briefly at the dump files, looks like it could be PSU failure.

Aside from memtest, you could do other things to diagnose errors such as stress testing the CPU and GPU. Test them individually at first and check for failure or other issues such as overheating. Afterwards, both at the same time and if it crashes at that point, you can be pretty certain it's a PSU issue. If nothing, you can always look for obvious signs of damage on components.

BSOD's are often caused by inconsistent voltage from a fail PSU. Is that right? I have read that but have no first hand experience with that particular situation. 


He should run Prime95 and Furmark and see if it crashes. Could it be caused by overheating? Maybe he should reapply thermal paste to the CPU. 

OP have you monitored you're CPU and GPU temps at all? 

Appreciate the help folks.

One of the errors was caused by Atheros Wireless LAN Driver

I had a hard time unzipping (getting errors) the update the Atheros website gives you... so I think I could just disable it or get rid of it permanently.


When I get home I'll check the power supply. Also, I have the stress test program downloaded that's recommended on this forum... try it out for a few minutes, just not sure what I'm supposed to look for when I start the stress test.

Anything else I should test or get the specs for?


You should be looking for crashes or overheating of components.

Lots of memory errors. Maybe caused by bad paging? Could be that an area of your HD is failing. 

I used AIDA64 extreme to stress test CPU and GPU... rose in temps but then plateaued no crashes.. Do you have a suggestion for how long to run it? 

Also used unigine Heaven and ran a few benchmarks on high quality settings... seemed okay. 


Dude at the eightforums told me to disable my Dell Wireless 1703 802.11 adapter.. and haven't had a blue screen for a while now. 

I installed a new update for that driver and may disable it after a few days of no BSOD. 


As far as power supply, I can't see it. I don't want to take it apart either because I have a warranty.