[BSOD] Confusing issue, game crash

Ok so I got Tabletop simulator on steam sale today. Really having fun with the workshop stuff. Secret Hitler is fun as hell. Anyways this is the only game I've ever played that Windows 7 wants to bluescreen 10 minutes into. PC is clean of viruses and has been dusted. Don't have any intake in case atm but it's not that power hungry of a system either, only running a a10-7800 and you can't oc them only 65w TDP being cooled by a noctua u12s which should be more than enough. But here's where things get interesting on linux I can play for hours no issues. Any ideas as to why Windows wants to go haywire but linux is smooth? Temps for those wondering are mid 50s C regardless of load. Also if wrong subforum please move. Wasn't sure where to stick this

Yeah its wrong subforum, fixed it for you. Anyway; post the dumps if you have em so we can take a look. But what would be easier is opening up event viewer and looking for information related to your game issue. Sow what you need to do is do a fresh restart, then play the game until it crashes, then once it boots back up go to event viewer and see the verbose information. I have a slight hunch its memory related.

What driver are you on?
Is your windows 7 updated?
What temperature does your 7800 peak at during games?

Seems to have gone away now. To answer your quest caveman, latest 16.9.2 (I think on linux rn) 7 is up to date yes. As far as temps go, I wanna say not sure. Here's why, HardwareID gives peak of 67, Afterburner gives peak of 60, NZXT Cam would say in the 70s when I had it installed (sometime it would give no reading, BIOS tends to show around 55 full load. Idles around 40, don't have best case in the world normally leave side panel off. Cooler is Noctua u12s

Have you tried an un-install/re-install?