BSOD at boot

I get a BSOD everytime I turn my PC on. It then reboots and boots normally. I have no idea why it does this. Here is the .zip of the dump file for today.

What have you already tried to do in the way of fixing it? have you tried startup repair? will it boot into safe mode?

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Yes it will boot into safe mode. I'm not sure why it's crashing so idk how to fix it.

I feel that pain. Microsoft's support infrastructure tends to be patently unhelpful too. have you tried DDUing Graphics/network drivers? doing a system restore etc?

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I DDU'd all the drivers I could and still have it. Havern't tried a system restore. Would I lose any files if I were to do that?

Try a startup repair first, but no, as long as your latest restore point is fairly recent

From your dump file:

Probably caused by : atikmdag.sys ( atikmdag+1015287 )

So it's an ATI driver. What of your computer is ATI? Do you have an external ATI graphics card or an embedded ATI chipset?

If it is your graphics driver (very likely), try updating it in safe mode or removing the external graphics card. If you updated an ATI driver recently, try "Boot last known good configuration" (F8 at startup). That will boot with the set of drivers that were last known to be good. Sometimes that gets corrupted tho, so it may not work. System Restore + last known good configuration may work. System restore does not modify files. Complete Image Backup does however.

Startup repair is completely pointless here btw. That just checks to make sure the system is bootable. Which it is.

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I have a R9 380. Going to update the drivers and if it doesn't fix it then ill go back to the driver before this started happening.

When did these BSODs start happening?
Did you install any new software recently?
When was the last time you updated all the drivers for your machine?
Did you update any of the drivers since your last installation of Windows?

Updating to the latest amd drivers fixed it. Don't know why it happened in the first place. Thank you for pointing out that it was my GFX card.