BSD appreciation Thread

I can't be the only person here who loves Linux's persnickety, bookish older cousin. Discuss why you like BSD, What you're Using BSD on, Projects You'd like to do with BSD, BSD related content, and the like. (and try to keep the copyleft vs permissive flaming to a minimum)

Curious about BSD? Thirsty for BSD related content? Maybe give these guys a gander:

Currently I've got an old core duo macbook 1,1 running OpenBSD, A NAS and backup server running Freebsd, a PFsense router, entirely too many things that don't necessarily need it running on netbsd, and a website, mailserver, and desktop chugging along on versions of TrueOS.


Only BSD system I have at the moment is my pfSense router, I tried BSD on the desktop years ago for the lulz but not for very long, I may give it another look, I know @Adobe_Flash_Player is running BSD on a Raspberry Pi so I may give that a try.

Desktop isn't the strongest use case for it, but if you do, stick to OpenBSD or TrueOS. I love it for any type of web facing appliance or home network fixture though. netbsd is great for embedded dev, too. I've installed it on a bunch of "IoT" devices that supposedly need third party callbacks to function.


I'm about 95% sure I'm buying a MacBook Air this weekend...

You gonna try to install actual BSD on it?

I'll keep MacBSD on it. I've had enough *nix desktop hardware drama for one lifetime. Just need a BASH terminal with reliable wifi connection.

haha this is not the tread for you then, my friend.

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I have rasbsd on a pi that I use as an ssh box. Also have pfsense for my firewall.

Run a VPS with freebsd 11 and have a VM with bsd 12 on it because of testing and curiosity.

My whole setup runs on a mix of Freebsd and Debian.


I appreciate it for my pfsense box :P and isn't the PS4/3 OS forks of BSD, also?

Yes indeedy, they run Orbis OS, a heavily modified spin of FreeBSD. Most recent console I own is a ps3, but I forgot to include it on my list

This guy knows what's up

OSX is pretty cool.

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Funnily enough, I've never owned an OSX machine that was new enough to be apple-supported. It'd be a lot cooler if you could install it with proper best-effort support on whatever you wanted.

Apples Mac OS is open source. There was ( or is ) the puredarwin project ( I think that's he name ) where you can get the OS. You do not get out of the box the propriety stuff. I tried to install it once back in the day before I realized that you needed Mac compatible hardware. It failed, because it could not find the cpu cores, which I thought was a strange error.

Other then that, my only bsd experience was freebsd, which was a great experience.

There's so much prop stuff it depends on, that it will probably never run ootb on anything but macs, which kinda defeats the purpose.

Freebsd is so damn good, it's like centos or debian, if their maintainers never made a wrong or inefficient design decision.


Just because they aren't supported doesn't really mean anything.

It does if your time and spare/daily-driver hardware is at a premium.

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I use TrueOS everyday for work. Also worked on some FreeNAS stuff. Use OS X at home and of course iOS. Also attended some BSD conferences. It has a really interesting history.

I've yet to try from the ground up a vanilla FreeBSD install. That will be my next project

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