Brutal Legend PC

Brutal Legend is coming to PC. Now while this game was somewhat disappointing they arent charging $60 for the PC release of an almost 4 year old game you can Preorder the game for $15 on steam which gives you access to the multiplayer beta right now I'm sure alot of us are Metal Heads and would enjoy this games soundtrack.

I played the demo for this on PS# and it seemed cool.  It's one of those games I always wanted to play, but it just slipped through the cracks.  I hope they do a good PC port, if it comes out and the port is done well, I'll buy it.  

I played it on Xbox when it came out and truly enjoyed the game. IMO its biggest down fall is that all the trailers and even the demo for the game potrayed it as a hack and slash but in reality it was an RTS Tower Defense/RPG/Open World/ hack and slash game

"Edit" From what I have been reading from the developers on the Double Fine forums is that the games engine is being heavly worked on for the pc. one of the devs posted the changes  on the steam forums here

I don't know what you mean by "somewhat disappointing", I played the hell out of that game. I find it a bit odd though that they are re-releasing it after 4 years.Some forshadowing here but, Brutal Legend 2 maybe?

That is very, very cool!  It's nice to see a dev come out and lay down what they think people want, and for it to be what I want!  Adjustable draw distance, uncapped framerates, higher resolutions and better AA? Good job, Double Fine!