Browser notification sync

I’m using Vivaldi on my Android phone and Windows laptop and they both have syncing enabled.

I use the Twitter website on the phone and I have web notifications enabled on both my phone and laptop.

When I get a notification and I click on it on the laptop, that notification doesn’t go away on the phone. It’s very annoying.

I tried disabling web notifications on the laptop and instead see the ones from my phone with pushbullet or airdroid, but those only show up if the laptop is running when the notification comes on the phone.

Is there something I can do about this? Does this work on Chrome or Firefox?

The same double notification problem is present in Chrome. I don’t think websites can know whether a notification has been dismissed or not.

I thought that the browser might know, since Vivaldi is signed in to sync on both devices.

I’m not sure Vivaldi sync sends that much info. I thought it was just for syncing settings and configs