Browser extension idea: YT Music Blocker

IDK how possible it would be, but I like to put on lo-fi beat tapos on in the background while doing stuff. Like this one:

Personal fave album too.

But then when I go to some video that has obnoxious music that I don’t even like, Casey Neistat’s vid’s for example, I don’t want to hear it. At all. So, idea is to have the video load, turn the extension on, and it rifles through the video and selects each different audio track it can separate out and presents you with them. You can scrape through them and determine if its the vocal or music, then just mute it.

I have no idea how to make it, but someone should because I am starting to get annoyed.

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I don’t mean to be a dick but that’s what is for

I mean sure if I want to pay for a service that I don’t want to use. Can it even pull from YT? All I do with music on YT is just beat tapes, maybe really ancient hardstyle mixes from 2007.

This is also to completely remove music from a playing video on the fly.

It is free with ads, which can be blocked with ublocko

I am confused on what you even want exactly.

When you say “But then when I go to some video that has obnoxious music that I don’t even like, Casey Neistat’s vid’s for example, I don’t want to hear it. At all.” what exactly do you mean?

Are you clicking on the video intentionally, or is youtube playing the video because it just so happens to be the next video in the queue?

And when the video does come up, you want to parse the audio to find out if there is talking, and if there is, you want to somehow split the vocals from the music, figure out what the music is, and then gives you like a list of the songs in the video?

Almost like youtube shazam?

I can’t really help you with the problem, but that link is amazing. Adding that to my work playlist. Thanks!


I mean the things he plays in between edits, in moving scenes, on boards, stuff like that. I also mean the annoying generic happy electro stock audio crap in the backgrounds of some videos. Just music that really has no effect on the point.

Though with other videos where the music is used to effect, take gamers like Smii7y and that whole crew, I WOULDN’T use this sort of tool on those and I would just pause my music.

Intentionally. No accidents there, I turn auto play off. If I want a chain of videos I have a playlist.

Nnnnno. Not really. I mean like a mini track editor lookin thing that… Hang on.


Ignore the UI bullshit, see the list of tracks? I mean like it scrubs though the video and parses out the different audio elements. So if, for example, casey is talking, I want to hear casey. I DON’T want the shitty hipster jazz behind it. Maybe I don’t want the sounds of new york or the plane he is on either, I just want his chatting.

Like a side chain compressor that is selective in what it shuts out.

I’m fairly certain that youtube streams compresses all tracks (even that annoying background music) in one track, so this won’t likely be possible.


If I can download a video from YT, plop it into virtual DJ, and use the audio isolation tool to get something to this effect I am certain it is completely possible.

Ah, if you’re isolating the sound, and not muting a track, that’s definitely something that could be doable. I misunderstood.

Not something that I can accomplish though. Sorry to say.


haha yeah the idea is load the video, isolate into tracks, mute the found tracks.

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