Broken keyboard input - help please


I recently upgraded from windows 8.1 home to Windows 10. Before the upgrade my language bar was working and I was able to switch between Chinese and English input without any problems. After the upgrade my language bar disappeared and I was unable to switch inputs.

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the relevant language packs, restarting the computer, as well as fully updating windows without any positive results. I am only able to use English. If I delete English and only have Chinese I still can only type English as well.

I have also tried checking and unchecking the language bar in the control panel.

Something interesting to note is that language settings were missing from the traditional control panel but not from the new windows 10 control panel. Perhaps this is related?

Please assist me in getting my IME back.

Create a new user profile on the machine and see if it works fine for that user.

Unfortunately it has the same result, no language bar appears.

dang, was hoping that would do it. user profile corruption can cause all kinds of weird issues.

I’ve never used this feature, not sure what to try next.