Broken Headphones

I bought a pair of WESC Oboe headphones last summer and now the plug is broken (if I wiggle it a bit there is sound in both headphones, but ususally it is only in the right one), and the wire is kinda ropey looking, is there anyway I can fix them?

Lol if you have like REALLY tiny hands and a REALLY REALLY tiny saudering kit not really. This is just a case of your contacts breaking and going bad. If you keep wiggling them it'll get worse. Not much you can do. Check to see if you still have warranty on them if not sorry dude, get a better pair next time?

Okey, by the price they seemed really good, but what would you recommend

Take the hedphones and go to a local electronic shop, or repair service, and if you happen to have a soldering iron, just ask them to give you a new plug and a new cable, and then you can try replacing the cable and installing the new plug by yourself. If you don't know how to do that, ask somebody who does, or just give the headphones to the local repair shop, and they should be able to fix the problem in no time.
I fixed the same problem on my heaphones 3 times already, cheap cables just tend to break!