Broke Bat Mountain - Pc Arkham Knight still a big steaming pile of broken

Batman has been re-released on steam and apparently it is STILL broken

... I dont think there is any comming back from this for the publisher / developer, the reputation damage is way off the charts

kind of sucks as from what I played on the ps4 it is actually a decent game

You would think they'd do it right this time, guess not cause it sounds like half assery inbound

Nivdia 'game dosent works'


That's gameworks for ya. And developers continue to use it. Get Rekt

Red fix werks. Dead.
Tail wagging werks. Moar dead nao lmao

Nvidia gets a pass on this one from me, I think it was broke BEFORE they got their hooks into it.

gameworks on a good developed game = tolerable
gameworks on top of crap = this game

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For some reason Nvidia always gets a pass... Remember Unity? Works... You know GTA V? That game, everyone j*zz their pants for? Yeah, people with 980 report low framerate...
Why does Nvidia always gets a pass?
I am not defending WB... Not at all... But still...
Ubisoft is capable of good games. We all know that. WB can make good games as well. Mad Max and Shadow of Mordor works just fine... Not Batman.
Why? Well, game not works...

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Dude, I am number one amd fan here, i would normally be the first to sh*t stir against nvidia

last 4 cpus bought, amd
last 5 gpus bought, amd

and even I say nvidia gets a pass on this one

this game tanks even without gameworks so go easy

Hey, have you seen the latest batman comics? It's called Arkham Knight...
Consoles are all amd based with GPUs 7850 and 7870, 270 and 270X respectively.
And they run the game better than high end PC...
It's not the biggest deal in the world. It's just another one...

It's still broken? Wow, I guess they are slow learners.

So true. The fact it was outsourced to a developer that was primarily known for developing on last gen consoles and iOS (IIRC). On top of that they tasked 12 people to handle the pc port, we shouldn't be surprised about this really.

OP link points to an OLD article

something a bit more recent...


sorry for that, stupid error

btw non gameworks smoke effects are laughable in this game, reminiscent of a game from the 90's

well, duh.... we need to show you how much better it looks with gameworx...

again, i think it was more to dev lazyness but you could be correct

rotating zooming bitmaps that fade out ?

That made me laugh

well... not that bad, but very poor

maybe later 90's :D

I take that back, just went close to a fire to watch the smoke and it was exactly how you describe

Well it looks like I won't be playing this until I finally cave and buy a PS4 for FF7

There was some rumors about FF7 coming on PC... I don't really know what's going on there, but it would be really nice to be able to play it on PC... God knows I'm not buying PS4 for FF7... And this cyber dinosaur game...