Broadwell-EP low power xeon (65w) ES

Got my hands on a broadwell-ep low power engineering sample.

Just a little overview with some pics.

Next to a haswell-ep HCC (ES) 14 core.

Thinner substrate, new IHS design supporting the edges a bit more to prevent flexing.(bendlake huehue)

My motherboard doesn't actually support the CPU yet, but it boots and works just fine but I have to reset the CMOS each time I want it to post, otherwise it gets stuck at CPU initialization code 13.
So no overclocking for me :c


Holy. How did you manage that?

Broadwell-ep chips have been out in the wild for a good while now, I think it is way harder to get a hold of the i7 series, 6800k, 6850k, 6900k? and 6950x.

"edit, replying to my own post, "

System power consumption during cinebench hanging around 80w, 5820k that is 10% slower in cinebench uses around 130w.

5820k @ 3.4ghz for comparison.