Broadening my horizon


 I'm sure you get a lot of these threads but I'm looking for some metal.

I currently only listen to a few bands that I picked up years ago when I was still in school and had a circle of friends with similar interests in music but my current social circle is a dry well when it comes to anything that isn't being played 24/7 in the radio or involves koreans impersonating a horse.

Currently I basically just listen to Blind Guardian, System of A down, some folk metal bands and that's nearly it.

I like music with "actual" singing and less growling and similar stuff but I'm not completely closed to it.


Well, that's basically it. If you want me to become less of a cretain you might drop one or two bands that you think I might like or might help me develop a better taste in metal.

Not metal but good:

again, not metal but great:


the repeat should have been this:

Thank you very much. I'll look into all of these.