Broadband Weirdness

Hey guys,
I'm having a problem with my current home internet and it has been going on since fiber has been installed in my area. I don't take a fiber plan (I will be shortly) but with my current ADSL connection I usually used to get 12Mbs. A while back, my internet speeds from dropped from 12Mbs to 2-1Mbs. Now, that's not the strange thing. All my phone line sockets have filters but it seems that every time I pick up the phone and call someone, it seems to boost my internet speeds back to their original values... weird right? Anybody who's into networking know of a solution? And if you need more information, please do ask, I am using a really horrible BT homehub right now with a built in modem. Thanks again.

Just to confirm, the home hub is in the master socket? Are the speeds still low if you take the face plate off of the master and plug directly into the line? Does the line momentarily drop when you do make a call?

Anyway, as phone lines actually have power running on them (that's how older wired handsets get powered) there is a naturally increased resistance in the wire. If there has been a break in the wire (from where engineers have been doing stuff) then there could be a minor fracture in the cable. Making a call to or from the line makes a pull on that power draw and essentially 'wets' the fracture, bridging any gaps.
Basically, call bt and say the line is playing up.

Also with adsl bear in mind that it is a connection type that syncs for stability and not speed. So it syncs optimistically when the phone is in use due to the lower resistance and then over time drops to a stable connection. Which if the line is damaged, can be quite low.

TL:DR call BT, they've damaged the during fibre installation.

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Phone 17070 from a corded phone on the master socket and pick option 2 for a quiet line test. If there's any noise your line its damaged.

Be consistent and clear with customer support. they are not great.

Are you positive your line is always 2mbps and always goes back up during a call (every time)?

I won't comment on the homehub except to say I don't use it, it doesn't work for me well. I use a draytek 130 modem it's rock solid, works for ADSL and fibre VDSL they have models with routing and WiFi too. I recommend the investment

If you get no where with customer support and still have the same issue PM me.

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Thank! I'm currently going through exams right now so my best bet is to leave till after the month but this has been the best answer I've gotten for it so far! Much appreciated because the BT customer service is horrible, anyways, I owe you one

Cheers eden, I was actually thinking about buying one ages ago but their pricing is quite high, although if you recommend it, I will definitely buy one once I get my VDSL line. I've tried checking the line? Since I have wireless handsets apparently you don't hear the interference as well as if it was directly connected. I don't have a non-hands free phone lying about but I'll see if I can get one. True about customer support, they don't really answer the question rather, follow the same "reset router...etc" that doesn't work.