Broadband company sued by the film company



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Swedish internet surfers will be prevented from accessing sites like The Pirate Bay and Swefilmer. It calls for Swedish and international film companies, which now draws the broadband company to court.

After that film companies and other media giants have shot sharply against the Swedish piratsajter and among other things managed to trap the founders of The Pirate Bay Court directed the crosshair towards another form of file sharing. Streaming video is still sort of a legal grey area, but it does not prevent the copyright holders from to once again pick up the hatchet.
Bredbandsbolaget stäms av filmbolag i syfte att blocka av Swefilmer

According to today's Media is suing Universal Music, Sony Music and Warner Music together with Nordisk Film and the Swedish film industry ISP B2 bredband, better known as broadband company. The requirement is that the company under threat of penalty should be forced to block both The Pirate Bay and streamingsajten Swefilmer.

– Rights holders have taken all measures possible against The Pirate Bay and Swefilmer. This is the opportunity that exists to access The Pirate Bay and illegal streaming, says Henrik Bengtsson at advokatfirman Delphi, who represents media companies.

Similar deadlocks are already available for internet users in the UK and Denmark, countries whose regulation is the model of the 20 pages long lawsuit that film companies ' agents already on Thursday submitted to the Stockholm District Court. That case did not receive attention until now because, according to lawyer Henrik Bengtsson on that "nobody wants to do this to a process in the media".

At bredbandsbolaget is under fire is said to be about the operator provides high-speed internet connections. In the event of a conviction, however, suggests that more may be involved in legal proceedings, provided that other Swedish ISPs did not freely choose to comply with the Court decision.


Have fun!

Oh yeah, block a few torrent sites. That will show them.

Are these people really that clueless about the internet? Torrent sites like the pirate bay are an idea. Even if they manage to completely close it down, ten more will pop up to replace it. It's actually easier and more cost effective to do nothing about it.