Bringing newcomers to PC Gaming? (not forcefully)

I've watched This Video:

and It made me think how we could apply it to PC. He said to know who you're talking to. use their other interests to move them over to gaming. I think the same can be applied to PC.

Example: when I was a teenager I loved San Andreas and I loved Back to the Future and when I heard there was a Back to the Future Mod for San Andreas, I shit my Pants, but it was only for the PC and I got it again for the PC and I was amazed by the textures at the time when I played Stock San Andreas, but I at first hated the keyboard & mouse and wanted a controller. I felt that way for a few months and then I saw one of logan's live streams and he said Deus Ex is the best game ever made and I played it with a keyboard & mouse and then I ordered a PS2 controller adapter and used joy2key to hack in the controller support into Deus Ex and World of Warcrack and it just sucked and I went back to the keyborad and mouse unless I'm playing console or console style games.


So what's a good first PC Game that will work on a Core 2 Duo with an old GMA Card that would have a general appeal? (most people have old PCs)

I would think Minecraft and Team Fortress 2, (with Chris' Configs) or just about every Half-Life Series mod if they like survival horror, but what else is there?

I think you could just as well play any new game with low graphics since it will look about the same. On the other hand games where before made not concentrating too much on graphics and therefore gameplay, story and such got better.

Far Cry 3 on a Core 2 Duo with a GMA x3100 or even a $350 Laptop from Walmart that came out last year? No.

It has to be an exclusive game (like Point & Click Games and World of Warcrack) or a multiplat that offers more on the PC version (Like horror survival mods for Half-Life games like Cry of Fear, Grey, Nightmare House 2, Affraid of Monsters, ETC.) and it must run on their coumputer and their computer is usually a shitty Laptop.

Good Old Games bro!

I suggest Independence War 2, if you like the most bad ass of space simulators of all time.

Best played with joystick or controller.

I use my MadCatz Xbox controller, for practically everything I can, people hark on me sometimes, but then STFU when I out perform them.  I only role keyboard and mouse on stragedy games and stuff like Counter Strike or Planetside 2 (trackball master race, your gaming mice are over priced)

You're right, I overestimated the capabilities of those.