Bring your OS with you!

After watching Logan's recent video about the love he has for that nifty HDD enclosure i had an idea. 

Lets say you either don't want to carry around a laptop with you, or you are working in a market where you have to travel allot and have constant access to different types of PC's, or you just plain need the horsepower of desktops you find. You could use that HDD enclosure, plug that in and have your Brandspanking new windows 8.1 with all your full fledged Games like BF4 on it and software like Sony-Vegas and adobe. And i have seen desktops wit hot swap sata ports on the front which would make this process easier. But the big problem i saw with doing this is the software on the HDD might not be optimized or compatible with the software with the rig you plugged your HDD into.

So here comes the idea. Create a software that recognizes the hard ware and goes to the website and downloads and installs every piece of drivers you could want. This process would take about 10 minutes but you would just have to plug in your HDD and start it in the BIOS and then you could leave it there. Once you would move to a new pc, the software would recolonize everything and if the previous PC had lets same the same audio card the software would keep that and re-install everything else. You could do this now without all the software but have fun running bf4 on a nvidia Gtx 670 (most middle class card i could think of) on catalyst control center from amd. Also this software would fix any scaling options that happen with new OS's.

So tell me is this useful or is this a bin of rubbish ideas!

I'll admit I don't know the most, but I get the feeling that Windows wouldn't like that in the slightest. It won't even let you install it on a drive connected over USB.

It could work well with Linux though.

No, The reason i did't talk about that problem is that The HDD enclosure has the ability to mimic any type of storage device. So at first you would create a windows 8 version that is bare-bones drivers wise but has all ur stuff like programs! Then you could just make the Enclose say "Hay, windows, i'm a hard drive inside the pc LET ME INNNN!"