Brightness control

I am looking for a way to control the brightness of my monitor via software so that I can be lazy and at night not sit up to adjust the brightness at the monitor (not that I do.).

I could be more active but working 12-18 hour dsays does not leave me with a huge amount of time to play around.

Desktop or laptop? Or laptop attached to an external monitor?

Laptop keyboards will already have that option, but I have never managed to get that working using an external keyboard.

I am pretty sure most desktops allow at least the brightness to be changed from a multi-media keyboard.

Laptop + external, again I have never managed to control the external display brightness from the keyboard. However, I once had an Asus 22" monitor, about 4 years back, that had a software that allowed me to change the brightness and contrast using a proprietary software and mouse.

You could use the video card control panel to change the brightness in windows but I don't know about linux.

Try Redshift. It's like a more extensive f.lux with color management and brightness options built in. there are even a couple of decent QT GUIs for it

I'm using f.lux.


Yeah video card, I have a gtx 1050ti sitting on my desk wait for me to work out the internet situation.