Bricked Intel 80GB ssd - 8MB Bug - hope?

I've got an old intel 80GB SSD. The damn thing is 8MB bugged. I've tried yanking the power and plugging back in and had no luck secure erasing it. Is there any way of resetting it or is it permanently bricked?

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A google search says there is a firmware update for those SSDs.

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There is but it won't take

try to re partition with live disc (gparted on ubuntu as an example)? Otherwise.... I don't know.

here is a link for the firmware update software

Yup. Nope tried parted, partition magic etc. Disk is locked and only 8 MB can be partitioned. I booted with a livecd and try plugging it in and unplugging it to bypass the lock but no go Joe.

Need something to hack at the firmware level. Stupid Intel tools say latest driver installed and quits.

could you back flash?

Is it a 320 series?

It's an old x25


  1. Open CMD as admin
  2. Type diskpart, press enter , then type list disk
  3. Make sure - beyond all doubt - that you select the correct disk for the next part

  4. type select disk X (where X is the disk number listed from the previous command)

  5. type clean

  6. type create partition primary

  7. type assign X (where X is the desired drive eg. C - but DO NOT use any drive letters already in use)
  8. type exit

should be good to go.

*** I am not responsible for you screwing anything up - if you dont understand these commands double check everything and google each one before running it ***

Nope... only 8MB can be partitioned on this 80GB drive.

sounds like it needs new partition tables. Use Gparted Live

Have tried only 8MB is available to partiion. SSD is locked.

Tried Partition Recovery?


Just the top results from a google search

As @KenPC pointed out, Tested have a guide for fixing the bug with MHDD.

What with it being a very low-level tool it seems like a good bet, but beware that it might further damage it if done incorrectly.

Chuck it and buy a new one. They are $40.

Get a mac. I'd say do a ppc mac and do a low level part on it. Format its mbr to all 3 versions (mbr, ppc, wjatever the intel mac one is) then to whatever you need. I have had a couple boxes go nutty and my ibook has been so handy. For whatevrr reason the ppc macs do better (I have an intel mac, I have no idea what its condusive to).

Thanks will be testing this some time later today. Good find.