Bricked iBook G4. What to do with the remains?


I got my hands on a broken iBook G4 (12"). The display, cd drive and case are OK, pretty much everything else seems to be broken. 
Now I'm searching for fun things to do with the bloody remains. Any ideas? (The crazier, the better)
The only thing I came up with so far is using the lcd as a digital picture frame of some sort, although I'm still searching for a controller to use it with. Any help here would be great.
For the other parts, no idea what to do with them.

(I don't really know if this qualifies as hardware hack, so feel free to tell me if there's a better subforum to ask this in) 

//Edit: I did some fumbleing around and it actually starts up to a point where toe screen is on and the harddrive is doing whatever broken harddrives do. 

Does it chime and show the sad mac? What's on the screen? Basically these iBooks had bad GPU's which require a reball:reflow. For hacks, checkout hackaday those guys are pros, I'm not much help in that area.