Brewing Laws?

Hey everyone, I am 18 right now, and am just curious if it is "legal" for someone of my age to brew beer. I know you have to be 21 to purchase alcohol, but I think you only have to be an adult (which is 18) to brew it. I'me really not too sure how it works. Does anyone have any knowledge?

As far as i know the anwser is no. the "brew kit" doesn't contain any alcohol. so you can buy it legally. the brewing part is a grey line.

Probably depends on where you are living.

here i found this

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My dad (and I) brew occasionally.

Generally, for a minor (under 21 in this case):
* It is legal to purchase homebrewing supplies
* It is legal to brew said supplies
* It is legal to possess the finished product on private property
* It is legal to drink on private property with parental/gaurdian consent
* It is legal to transport if required by the minor's employer or requested by the minor's parent/gaurdian

Make sure to note the private property and parent/guardian consent parts.

But like was mentioned above, it depends on the state too.

There's also the tried and true method of 'don't get caught' to fall back on.

Thanks so much for all of your feedback!!

In the US, the laws are different in different states. Like the only reason why its 21 everywhere is because federal highway construction funds are withheld if the minimum age is not 21. Possession might be illegal is some states and not others.

its legal to buy all the required materials, its legal to brew it.

for the underage part, it may be questionable, but no ones going to knock down your door because you made your own beer. So relax and have fun

I think it was Jack Daniels who at 13 years old distilled and sold his wiskey to both union and confederate forces during the civil war.