Breakthrough in circuit design makes electronics more resistant to damage and

This is weird news with weird implications that just boggle the imagination. They’ve figured out how to use the topology of a circuit to make it much more stable even when damaged. The article doesn’t say anything about it, but this could also be applied to Microsoft’s efforts to build a topological quantum computer. What they are doing can be compared to “dimension squeezing” and you could use different topologies to enhance the robustness of anything you want, or to make it more sensitive to interference. From what I can tell, you could apply this same approach to a computer power supply. It could also help explain the extreme plasticity of the human brain, with physicists recently determining that proteins ring like a bell to speed up their ability to fold and that the cells of our bodies incorporate tensegrity. It means physicists can explore where architecture transforms into physical forces, and the supersymmetry of matter using machine learning and their databases. They can explore the resilience of complex systems from an architectural perspective and how yin-yang dynamics might apply.

Understood that so that you can unfuck it by rising voltage, and I dont know if you have to keep on doing that :man_shrugging:t2:

I dont understand why these “scientific” shits make me guess that what does it even mean

Nah, they’ve figured out the nonlinear dynamics required so that the voltage only has to increase enough to trigger the effect. A landslide or cascade is a common example of nonlinear effects. Sometimes throwing a pebble will cause a landslide, but not usually and they’ve designed this to exclude such extremes. They had no choice, because they were working with light which is way too fast to play around with twiddling knobs.

My reasoning is that, its booming outwards, and the actual picture you see when thinking is changing location to place where that stuff is located. Like having several 3d monitors and you have to either look or speak to make it work, otherwise its off

Easy one to imagine would be seeing boobs vs. remembering boobs, you literally see them differently

Lastly, I think its amazing how you can self repair by just being aware of it, like if you have rekt that dear brain to slur, it’ll probably work out if you worry about it and try your best not to do that, which I guess would be increasing voltage :slight_smile:

The shadow is but the memory of the eternal light, which is why it is always better to light a single candle, than to curse the darkness, when attempting to find the crescent moon.

Light and shadow are indivisible, and the Monstrous Moonshine Conjecture has been established.

Not impressed by the article. All they said is “we cranked up the voltage, then a thing happened”.
You are aware the first trans atlantic telegraph was operated the same way? The signal was rubbish, so they increased the voltage and fried the thing.

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The writing leaves something to be desired, but I doubt they really expected too many lay people to read the article who had any clue what its about. The important thing is, they could eliminate noise from the system, without using a noise filter, because the system as a whole compensates by changing shape. A similar example is physicists have created the first “perfect” microphone. It is wall paper with microscopic pores that absorb all the sound and combine it as a standing wave within the wall. A hurricane is a self-organizing system that displays resilience and is not easily dissipated. They have figured out how to do the same thing with any circuit.