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Hey guys,
I am thinking about launching a Piss Meat delivery service which would connect meat pissers with piss meaters. I have set up . Currently it is just an informational landing page where people can learn more.

If anyone else sees the potential in this idea please contact me I am hiring.


Pissmeat is a reference to the recent news video I guess, if anybody is wondering.


I was only mildly concerned when I saw the post in the moderation queue.


Thanks for the clarification




but is it a real piss or just ammonia?


Eh something else popped into my mind when I heard the title of this website. No matter what someone tells me I will not go to this here site either. : )


Yeah, I definitely had the same thought process.


I don’t even want to do the research to find out what or why this is a thing…


Can we order delivery? You know, for a friend. Do you deliver to 1600 Penn Ave?


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