Brand New PC Rig, FPS drop help please!

yeah it's already been said but that's alright Luke :) also i have done some tests, and even in battlefield 3 my cpu usage only ever goes up to 90, so what the fuck? is this still a bottleneck? and if that's the case ill be really happy which is strange, because then i would only have to get a better cpu, and not replace my gpu :) but yah, it's not a constant low fps, it dips then goes straight back up to was it was before, within the time of like 2 seconds maybe... Im still curious and worried :/

and as for your most recent comment, mysteryangel, i do not have any computer i could try it on besides mine... This is a bad question, but should i see what happens if i put like an older graphics card?

now all that im wondering is if my card is eligible for an rma? it's just really strange and with borderlands, a recent game i downloaded, there was some coil whine, but most games not. so is it a bottleneck, or should i rma? any other suggestions to what i should do, or what it is?


you could try to rma the card in the first place, so they can test it.. or trow it in a pc from a friend :)

 okay well i don't really know anymore, and literally everyone i know does NOT have a pc that i could try it with     :( so my only problem now is in alan wake, my most recent game i've played, the game literally just freezes for like 15 seconds and then continues, my gpu temps are fine, my cpu temps are fine, usage for everything is fine. but that's the problem, if everything is fine doesn't that mean that my card is bad? or i mean, could it be a program, the game itself? i just don't know...

YES! I have solved all the issues im pretty sure, except for alan wake with freezes and then keeps going but apparently that happens a lot for that game :P as for everything else i just have to adjust some settings in the graphics and im good to go! thank you everyone for your help and support, I love this site now, it's so helpful and I love watching Teksyndicate videos :D thanks everybody!

i would suggest maby thinking about getting a quad core before long. i know bf3 loves the cores. you cant even play on one core. so even though the i3 is a power house. the 2 cores could cuase a bit of problems later on. maby not right now but its somthing to consider. anyway glad to hear you are having a better time with ur computer. 

oh and one more thing. when you are looking at your cpu % used. are u looking at it with the game tabbed. or are you looking at it while you are in windowed mode.. or on another screen lol. cuase when you tab a game out. even if the background fps is up. its gonna drop alot of its cpu usage.  also i have a q6600 that runs about the same usage as yours. its not as beefy. only 2.4 gigs but having 4 cores is nice. this thing was very expenisve when it first hit the market. way more than what a 4770k is right now. so its a quality cpu for its day. but right now its a HUGE bottleneck for everything i throw at it. I bet if you got a i5 or i7 you would see like  30fps or more depending on the game. wich is what im hoping for when i get my new cpu lol

Wow, thanks for the reply! and yah i've been tabbing out i think, ill have to do it again to check :P and I was planning on getting an i5 3570k for christmas, a better mobo and maybe a case, mine has reaaally bad airflow  :( and thanks again for the relpy!


yeah i think that would be a good idea, to upgrade till christmas to hasswell.

ECS mobo´s are not  realy great ..

soo if you look for some good advice on parts till that time, please let us know.

grtz Angel ☺

I had the directx 11 issue too and I fixed it just by shutting all additional programs down that measure the use of gpu/cpu, Programs like MSI Afterburner, etc

yah i would love some advice on a new cpu, I'm not familiar with haswell at all! and some advice on a better motherboard would be nice too :D with that all in mind, i may need a better case too, let's just try and keep it under $350-400...

Honestly, get the Haswell. The performance is slightly higher (even though Ivy Bridge processors can catch up with better overclocking capabilities in some cases) newer technology and so on. You just need a new motherboard and the processor if you already have DDR3 ram sticks laying around so with a decent Z87 board and the 4670k you will not reach the 400$ or even the 350$.

well till christmas time theire will be some nice options for you ☺

well awesome! sounds good! Damn... now i have to wait!

I allready have some things in mind for you offcourse... but i dont tell that yet because  will wait till christmas haha ☺