Brand New 7950 PCS+ artifacts on screen, white/blue screen

Hi guys..

I'm having an issue with a brand new AMD 7950 PCS+ graphics card that I installed in my brand new PC build today. Everything inside the case is new, and everything appears to be working perfectly except the card. When I was using Windows default video drivers, there were no issues, but as soon as a put the PowerColor disk in and installed Catalyst Control Center, the resolution changed and I started getting artifacts (static lines that would flicher about if I moved the mouse). Then after about 20 seconds the entire screen would go completely white or blue.

I've tried reseating the card in the PCIE slot, tried the alternative slot, removed and reinstalled the drivers twice (new ones from the AMD site and older ones on the disk). The only way I am able to use the PC now is if I completely ininstall the card in device manager and drop the resolution to 800x600 (which looks pretty dreadful on a 27'' monitor).

Any thoughts on what might be causing this? My full list of components is below:

I'm guessing it's probably gonna be an RMA job, which is disappointing. This was my first switch back to AMD in almost a decade, and it doesn't bode well for the future.

Yeah probably just a dud card from the description. It happens. Just in case you would have some other card lying around to throw into the system, it could be worth checking that at least some other card runs stable on it. One thing you could do just in case is to load the setup defaults in the motherboard BIOS.

I would first try the updated drivers from AMD and not the CD that came with the card ...  There's also the beta drivers aswell, 13.10 and running smoothly here on a 7950.

Thanks guys,, I've tried the 660 from my family PC downstairs, and the newest drivers from AMD, and it's still acting a bit funky.. I've called in the RMA and hopefully I'll have a replacement by Monday.


Thanks for the advice.