Brainstorming location?

L1T’s should make a brainstorming API/thread?

Where educators/inventors/startups can throw ideology into a chat room and see where the ideas flow - make it a monthly fee?

Or a thread where people can post just random ideas for inventions/startups? :thinking:

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Or… how about a whole Forum? :gigathink:


Maybe make like a creator/hacker/ etc (some good name will come to me eventually) Lounge/Community Blog or something of the like


I really like the idea, but Discourse adds threads to the top of the stack, lowering all others. One can Bump/add to an existing thread, but the way the software flows, a thread would have to be pinned to stay at the top, and if it did not keep traction, people would simply unpin the thread.

Maybe a Category, like “big brain” or “inspiration” or “deep thoughts” or a sub category under community, for threads to be classed in perhaps?

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